Are you interested in providing instrumental music during
The 30th Annual Christmas Crèche Exhibit?  

Musicians at a professional level are invited to participate. If you are interested, please answer a few questions.

Creche Dates:
Saturday, December 2 – Wednesday, December 6, 2017
12:00 Noon – 9:00 pm
Have you performed at the Creche Exhibit before?

Full Name (first and last) *

Phone number and preferred method of communication. *

What instrument do you play?

Do you have any special requirements?
Do you perform solo, duet, or small ensemble?

Saturday, Dec 2nd

Please mark your preferred dates and times. We will confirm the schedule via email and a phone call.

Sunday, Dec 3rd

Mon, Dec 4th

Tues, Dec 5th

Wed, Dec 6th

Please provide a link or upload a performance sample below - may be informal.

Please upload a sample.

This recording may be informal.
Did you provide a sample? *

We want to hear your suggestions and recommendations.

Thank you! 
For additional information, please contact Marsali Hancock
marsalih@gmail.com or call 703.678.3848
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